Introduction and Background

Modern Group is pioneer in Textile and High Voltage Porcelain Insulators in India. The Group, emerged on the corporate scene in 1973, and is managed by a very dynamic and professional entrepreneur, Mr. H.S. Ranka and his dedicated team. Modern Group has five manufacturing units, with a manpower base of about 7000 employees, and sales turnover exceeding 300 Million US Dollars.

Gujarat Polyfils is the unit of Modern Group, was set up in 2008 near Surat. M/s TMT machinery is supplying high quality equipments for production of specialty polyester FDY. GPF has plans to expand its capacity further in FDY (both Semi Dull & Bright), POY & Continuous polymerization, with the ultimate capacity of 45000 per annum in next 2 to 3 years. GPF is also planning to foray in to FDY dyed yarn.

Present Capacity: Polyester FDY yarn - 25000MT/ Annum

To provide best services to our clients with various products supported by the latest technology.

Our Mission
To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty and courtesy towards our clients, employees, vendors and society at large.

We believe Quality is synonymous to Success. Brand Vaue is function of none but Quality which leads to long term Business Relationship.

Polyester Fully Drawn Dope Dyed Yarn

Ours is the best quality Polyester Fully Drawn Dope Dyed Yarns. This Polyester Fully Drawn Dope Dyed Yarn is being produced in different deniers such as, 50/34, 71/34, 75/34, 100/34, 150/34, etc.

Our Polyester Fully Drawn Dope Dyed Yarn is in Bright/Home-Bright & Super Bright lustre and in various colours like, Black 7015, Tinsel Chamapgne G299 GPM, Cardinal Red G 300 GPM, Bleach White, Coffee Brown, Maroon, Rani, Peacock Green, Pakistani Green, etc.

This Polyester Fully Drawn Dope Dyed Yarn Bright is being produced in the highly sophisticated winders imported from TMT, Japan.

This Unit was put up by Modern Insulators Limited, which belongs to Modern Group, for manufacturing of Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) in the year 2008. Its commercial production was started from September 2008. Initially, 4 Winders of 12 ends in each line having a total capacity of around 35 MT. per day i.e., 12500 annual capacity.

The main plant and machinery were imported from TMT, Japan. GPF has further added 4 lines consisting of 6 winders of 24 ends in each line by doubling its capacity to 25000 MT per annum. These 24 ends winders are called ‘Manta’ Winders and it was procured from the same supplier i.e., TMT Japan. GPF is having the latest machines from one of the best manufacturers of FDY Plant i.e., TMT, Japan.